2023 Marketing Trend Predictions

Leanne Dempsey
December 7, 2022

2022 has nearly come to an end, and with it comes looking forward to the new year. But what might 2023 have in store for businesses and their marketing plans? We asked some of the marketing experts here at Low&Behold how they think the marketing industry may change for businesses next year, and you can read those predictions below:

Businesses May Begin Moving away from Twitter

Due to the way how Elon Musk has presented himself in his early days of owning Twitter, such as by firing a large number of staff and allowing anyone to pay for a ‘blue tick’ as opposed to the historic verification system, we may see businesses moving away from using Twitter in 2023.  – Sammi-Jo Lowe, Social Media Account Executive

Direct Mail Increases

With relatively low cost and such specific targeting of customers, it is likely that more businesses will utilise direct mailers in 2023, as businesses look to stretch budgets that may be depleted throughout the economic downturn. – Darren Low, CEO

Digital Output to Increase for PR

Digital, digital, digital. Ok, that’s nothing new, but be prepared to see more and more activity shaped around digital output. For PR that means links and short videos, with podcasts coming off the bench to provide extra firepower if needed. – Richard Knowles, Head of PR

‘Super Apps’ will Grow

The growth of ‘super apps’. Rather than apps having just one purpose, in 2023 and beyond apps will continue to grow in their function. Similar to the likes of Tik Tok, where users used to just consume content but now you can shop via the app, or Revolut which used to be a single use banking app but is now a tool to improve financial health of users. – Melissa Boyle, Head of Planning

AI Will Become More Prominent

The use of AI will become more and more mainstream.  Chat applications will become more realistic for customer support services and personalisation more accurate but I think people will see that it can help us work more efficiently by helping us come up with ideas, or quick proof of concept ideas. – Mike Van Rooyen, Software Services Director

Celebrities and Companies More Frequently Called Out

We’re likely to see an increase in the calling out of celebrities or big companies for PR campaigns or activity that ‘cover up’ or ignore actions of said person or business, that go against moral and/or ethical views. Examples of this occurring in 2022 have been British Cycling’s link to Shell as well as Brewdog’s World Cup campaign.

See British Cycling’s link to Shell and Brewdog’s ‘World Cup Beer charity’ campaign. – Richard Knowles, Head of PR

Search Intent Will be Considered More Holistically

Long gone are the days where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) only referred to text searches on Google, Bing et al. Now, the net of ‘search engines’ has widened with Amazon, YouTube and popular social media platforms being used as well as more traditional search engines. In 2023, for key markets, SEO strategies must go beyond the typical search engines and continue to consider how people are searching on different platforms. – Leanne Dempsey, Head of SEO

A Slow Down on Organic TikTok Growth

With 750 million monthly users, there’s no denying that TikTok is huge. In 2023, we could expect to see a slowdown in organic TikTok growth as paid ads on the platform gain in popularity and businesses see a CPM (Cost Per Mille) increase. – Declan Barry, Social Media Lead

More Businesses to Embrace Ecommerce

I think we’ll see more and more business who haven’t embraced ecommerce look to do so in 2023.  SaaS like Shopify and BigCommerce makes, what was a big digital investment, ever more affordable to business who want to supplement their bricks and mortar stores or quickly spin up new revenue opportunities. – Mike Van Rooyen, Software Services Director

What does 2023 have in store for your business?

If you’d like to speak to us about marketing for your business in 2023, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

Leanne Dempsey

Leanne Dempsey

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