American Golf

We're back!

With the world re-emerging from lockdown and golfers finally being able to get back to the game they love. We worked with American Golf to help golfers get back into the swing of things.

The challenge

American Golf wanted to create a TV commercial that let the golfing community know their stores were open again, and that they were sympathetic to the time lost on the golf course due to the pandemic.

The solution

We wanted to create an ad that would leave their customers in no doubt that American Golf understood how hard it had been, and that they were back in store to help get their game back on track!  We used customer insights to help guide the creative, tapping in to ‘the real golfer’ who can sympathise with our characters and help drive further online engagement.

The experience

Filming during the pandemic certainly brought its challenges, but the final execution was worth the effort. Not only did the commercial drive larger than predicted footfall in to stores, but it also drove up brand engagement on social as golfers shared the ad with friends, excited to get back on the golf course!

Over 16k views on YouTube

Sketch of a golf course