Ashton & Parsons

Soothing the nation's babies

Ashton & Parsons have been making their traditional herbal teething remedy for 150 years using the same tried and trusted formula. Following a period of low production, the brand was acquired by Alliance Pharma in 2011 and relaunched by Low&Behold in 2013.

The challenge

Ashton & Parsons have been making their traditional herbal teething remedy for over 150 years, always to the same trusted formula. The product had long enjoyed iconic status among those parents who were aware it existed. To drive growth, the company needed to introduce a whole new generation to the almost magical soothing powers of Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders.

The solution

It was time for a major re-launch.  New parents come into the teething market every year, so the campaign had to be always-on. Our planning across digital, print and TV made sure it was.

Our creative then went instantly to the underlying truth – that inconsolable teething isn’t just upsetting for baby. It’s super-stressful for parents as well, making them feel like ‘failures’.  A cuddle and a shhhh always comes first, of course. But when that’s not enough, it’s time for Ashton & Parsons. A shhhh in a packet, trusted by generations.

Ashton & Parsons is now the powder brand leader by volume. Brand tracking shows it well positioned among its new audience – with parents’ love behind it.

The experience

Ashton & Parsons Infants’ Powders is now the market (value) leader in teething, showing measurable growth through the campaign period and brand tracking shows it to be well positioned as the trusted partner in teething, with heritage and efficacy but more importantly the love of mum behind it.

7% market increase in only 10 months