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Following a merger and a new Leadership team, we created an internal event that encouraged colleagues to find out more about the vision for the future and meet their team leaders.

The challenge

Having undergone a merger, launching a new vision, and seeing some changes in the Leadership Team, the Manchester colleagues were feeling unsettled and unsure of the new business objectives and vision. We were tasked with creating an experience for colleagues that would be engaging, bring the business objectives to life, as well as being a platform to introduce the new leader ship team and let them share their goals for the future. event image

The solution

To reach as many colleagues as possible we delivered a non-travelling two-week roadshow, lead by members of the Leadership Team.

With a lack of understanding from all colleagues on the business strategy and objectives following the recent merger, we created an experience that encouraged colleague participation at every step of the way, to bring the strategies to life and make sure they were well remembered.

This hands-on approach meant that delegates remembered far more after the event in a follow up survey and felt that their opinions were valued.

The experience

98% of colleagues who attended the event fed back that they had learnt something new and they understood the strategy and vision for the business. To ensure the learning didn’t stop at the end of the event, we produced a broadsheet newspaper that was distributed internally; this covered the content highlights from the event, as well as colleague’s feedback taken during the event. This included further questions that the leadership team reviewed and printed replies to.

Following the success of the Manchester event, we were tasked with taking the event to Barcelona to deliver to the teams there.

90% of employees attended in the Manchester and Barcelona offices employee image