Dr Martens

Stepping into the future

We helped Dr Martens in taking their next steps towards a more sustainable future.

The challenge

With sustainability becoming more important in our day to day lives, brands are taking big steps to make changes in their businesses.

Dr Martens is driving many of these changes, and they asked us to come up with a way to share their new Sustainability report.

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The solution

Taking inspiration from the Sustainability report, we created a short animation that would be launched during a town hall meeting and then shared on to their LinkedIn profile.

The animation brought to life elements of the report that mattered most to Dr Martens, highlighting key sustainability issues.

The experience

The animation has reached more than 3,500 views on LinkedIn, and the internal launch was a real success in sharing some of the amazing initiatives the brand is implementing over the coming months and years, and getting the teams excited to play their roles in making a more sustainable future.

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