Bringing flender to new audiences

Through a process of workshops, roadmapping and usability testing we helped Flender to really stand out in the banking industry.

The challenge

Flender wanted to cause a disruption in the banking industry, however, with a partially built platform, they needed help to bring their dream to reality.

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The solution

Flender wanted us to create a user experience that is delightful and easy to use.

We started with a series of workshop sessions to fully understand their combined insight, and then undertook an extensive body of desk research.

The combined early insight enabled the team to create a persuasion roadmap for buyers and lenders, which explored the app interfaces required elements.

Multiple usability tests and analysis enabled the team to find a solution that incorporated the key elements and bespoke content Flender asked for. Following this a suite of annotated wireframes were created to illustrate all screens for the borrower and lender journeys.

The experience

We ran a number of workshops with the Flender team to gain their combined insight, and then undertook an extensive body of desk research. This covered the psychology of lending, borrowing within peer–to–peer groups / crowdfunding and community project contexts. By fully understanding Flender’s goals we were able to take them through thorough workshops, usability testing and wire frames to create a user experience which matched their vision of a delightful, easy–to–use digital experience, that would ultimately lead them to phenomenal growth year on year.

Sales went from zero to nearly €3m in september 18

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