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A festival activation that put intel powered products in the hands of festival-goers to create a fun immersive experience.

The challenge

With the aim of engaging with a ‘back to school’ audience, Intel tasked us to create an activation that would deliver on Intel’s objectives of increasing purchase intent of Intel-powered tech at Argos stores.

Sketch of tent and group of people

The solution

We created a unique space for festival-goers to relax and engage with brand ambassadors.

Understanding our audience and surroundings, we created an experience that allowed visitors to get hands-on with the tech as well as have fun, relax and ultimately learn more about Intel.

We produced and delivered a series of games that were deployed throughout the day to engage with our target audience and ensure they left having had a positive brand experience.

The experience

The immersive environment that we created put tech at the heart of the experience for visitors whilst being considerate to our surroundings and ensuring there was no corporate hard-sell message. To increase dwell time with festival-goers we offered free Wi-Fi, mobile phone charging and seating areas.

With an online social campaign to further support this activation, we were able to drive over 5,000 unique visits to the Intel product pages on the Argos website during the peak ‘back to school’ trading period.

1,500 traceable brand mentions

Over 1,000 new tech conversations on-site
Woman showing tablet