When life just clicks

TV advertising isn’t dead. It’s alive and kicking and it is still the most effective way to drive brand growth. But how do you create one during a pandemic?

The challenge

To combat the environmental challenges around single use plastics being used in drinks bottles, ION8 has created a refillable drinks bottle. 100% leak-proof, one-touch opening, fashionable, in a whole range of styles. We were challenged to launch this range of products to their target demographic, during the pandemic.

The solution

TV was the answer. Or, to be more precise, connected TV.  That way, we could target exactly the groups we wanted to, across on-demand, live streamed and linear viewing environments.  All much more cost-effective than using conventional linear channels alone.

Wanting to position the product front and centre throughout the spot, our creative, WHEN LIFE JUST CLICKS, fully embraces the products in a situational manner, and even forms the basis of the music score. Our composer created the entire soundtrack by recording the various sounds made with the ION8 bottles – the tapping, banging, flipping, shaking and clicking.

The experience

Our client got a successful campaign in just five weeks from initial conception to finished ad. We managed all casting, production, post production, as well as ensuring everything was looked after from Clearcast to final dispatch of the commercial, all whilst adhering to tight Covid restrictions.

Concept to ADvert in just 5 weeks

So, Yes. It’s most definitely possible to make a great TV ad during a pandemic.