Celebrate together

Bringing nurses and partners together to celebrate their successes, learn and find out about the next year’s business targets.

The challenge

We were tasked to create and produce annual conferences for Vets4Pets nurses and vet partners that bring the teams together to learn more about the business, provide essential CPD, but also to celebrate together and give recognition to members from across the group.

Vets4Pets Events Image

The solution

We created two, two-day conferences with exhibitions and awards dinners, which all the group’s Vet Partners and Nurses are invited to attend. The purpose of the conference is ultimately to bring everyone together so the board can share with them the success of the group, discuss the marketing strategy for the coming twelve months, and provide a general overview of the current veterinary market.

The experience

Our knowledge of creating large scale events has given Vets4Pets the confidence to know that each year we can make it more amazing than the year before. From venue and accommodation management to creative execution and even production – stage, AV, lighting and sound, we are responsible for the organisation of the entire event.

Year on year there is an increase in the number of people attending these conferences. These events have become highly anticipated by the nurses and partners each year. As soon as one event finished the countdown starts until next year.

Increase in attendees year on year

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