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All businesses have problems to solve, but as the business goes on the journey to solve those problems – what happens to the brand?

A brand strategy is created to evolve the brand in line with a business vision and/or your desired position in the market. Perhaps you’re already the leader in your field, and you want to retain that position, or you might be a challenger brand looking to take that number one leadership position. If the question is how? that is where a brand strategy comes in. 

We live in one of the most disruptive and dynamic landscapes where political, social, economic, environmental, and technological factors can rapidly change customer behaviour and their view of your brand. That’s where a brand strategy keeps us on track–our tactics may evolve and adapt, but our vision stays consistent. 

A brand strategy provides a clear roadmap of how a brand will go from where it is now, to where we want to be. Aligned to a broader business and commercial vision, our job at Low&Behold is to bring the two together, uniting strategic initiatives with the customer-facing brand–ensuring we are always doing the right thing commercially for the business, and for the customer.

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Creating your brand strategy

When you choose to work with us to create your brand strategy, we leave no stone unturned. We start with an Immersion workshop, where we understand you and your business with a group of cross-functional stakeholders. We learn about and understand the journey to date, the vision and what are the key problems we need to solve. We utilise the expertise of your company stakeholders to understand a 360view of the business–not just a marketing department.

To add to this, we then move to a research and discovery phase–where we takewhat wedon’t know, and work out how to solve it. We also overlay your businesschallenges to the wider challenges of the market, the competitive landscape, andyour audience. We audit everything we do to date and how your brand shows up to the customer. Most importantly, we understand your customer and their attitudes, motivations and behaviours. We then work out how your brand shows up in meeting the customer’s needs.

Where we need additional information we’ll conduct primary research and speak to audiences in more detail to ensure we create a solid foundation for any great brand strategy. We then move to create the brand strategy which brings everything together that we know, with a clear roadmap to get your brand from A to B. This may also lead to proposition development and creative or campaign development which we can also help you with.

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