Social Media Consultancy

Navigate the challenging social media landscape

Whether you need ongoing or project-based support, our experience in supporting hundreds of businesses means that we can work with you and your team to achieve meaningful results.

During our first meeting, we’ll ask a lot of questions. We want to understand the ambitions of your business and the challenges you’re currently facing in achieving those goals. We can then discover the best way of working together, whether that’s by a transfer of knowledge or to oversee projects, support you with crafting a strategy or optimising your ad spend.

The benefits of the service:

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After learning about your requirements, we’ll develop a consultancy programme to suit your needs. Here are some of the areas we often explore with our clients:

Presence and profile analysis

Appraising your existing social media presence is usually the starting point so we can fully understand the influence you have on your audience. Knowing what has and hasn’t previously worked, paired with our knowledge of best practice, gives us a solid insight into what will work in the future.

Strategy development

Everything you do on social media should be intentional. The goals we create for your social media activity will perfectly align with the strategy in place for your business and its marketing efforts. Each social network will play a key role in delivering this strategy in order that you successfully reach your target audience and achieve your business goals.

Paid media spend

Most B2C businesses have a presence on Facebook and Instagram, most B2B companies have a presence on LinkedIn. We’ll work with you to navigate and make a strategy for even the most complex of advertising platforms, ensuring your budget goes further in scaling your returns.

Competitor analysis

Gathering insights into the tactics of your competitors gives you the upper hand. Avoid making their mistakes, learn from their successes and get a step ahead of the game. Let us know who you want to emulate or overtake on social media and we’ll aid in creating a strategy to do just that.

Community and news feed engagement

Understanding how your audience operates online and how to engage them can increase your influence on them. From endorsing testimonials to efficiently handling negative feedback, community management is crucial to businesses with large audiences.

Answering your questions

We’ll make sure all your questions about social media marketing and different platforms are answered so you’re confident in your decisions and actions moving forward.

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