Accessibility Auditing

Ensuring Accessibility for All

We believe in creating websites and digital experiences that are accessible to everyone- because its the right thing to so - a founding principle of the internet is its universality.

That is why we provide thorough accessibility audits to assist businesses like yours in fulfilling legal obligations, enhancing user experience, and expanding their audience reach. Our expert team has extensive expertise in accessibility standards and guidelines, including WCAG 2.0. They will furnish you with a comprehensive report and recommendations concerning the accessibility of your website and strategies for achieving compliance. From assessing the readability of your text to testing the functionality of buttons and forms on screen reader devices, we will address all aspects of your website to guarantee full accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

“Working with Low&Behold was a game changer for our website’s accessibility. Following the implementation of the recommendations, we have achieved full compliance with ISO, making our website user-friendly for all visitors. We found the process enlightening, getting a real-world view into how users with assistive technology use our site.” 


The benefits of an accessibility audit are

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Our delivery process involves detailed auditing, using both automated tools and expert review, with a focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing and producing actionable, prioritised outputs and recommendations.

10% to 15% of the adult population in developed economies have a physical or cognitive impairment which reduces their capacity to use the internet

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