UI Design

Transform user needs and problems into rich interface design solutions.

Make sure your user’s experience is as great as the service you provide.

Transforming user needs and problems into rich interface design solutions. Our iterative user interface design approach delivers designs at various levels of fidelity, for testing and stakeholder sign-off. Design outputs range from hand-drawn sketches to Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi prototypes, to full creative design, utilising a full suite of final design patterns, and aligned to your brand guidelines.

The benefits of the service:

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Our UI Design Process

After speaking with your team to understand your business and the benefits of your service for your customers, we head into creating a Lo-Fi design of the interface. Once we’re happy with that, we create a Hi-Fi design and prototype, and this goes through testing until we are confident in the design. After this we begin creating the interaction and visual design; firstly creating a static prototype before moving on to the final interactive design. Considering your brand and customers throughout.

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