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Market increase in only 10 months

Ashton & Parsons: Elevating Digital Experience

Ashton & Parsons aspired to revitalise their digital landscape. However, they grappled with an underperforming blog section, laden with years of content but lacking meaningful engagement.

The Strategy

An accumulation of articles gathered over years, with meagre traffic. The question loomed: how best to declutter and harness the potential within?

The Solution

Low&Behold dove in with precision. Our SEO experts undertook a rigorous content audit, identifying and reworking gems within. Eight masterfully curated articles emerged, seamlessly integrated into the 'Teething Tips' section, each resonating with clarity and inviting action.

The impact

The transformation was palpable. From shedding 38 dated posts to catalysing a whopping 116% surge in organic traffic, we didn't just refine – we revolutionised. From a modest 297 views, we soared to 644 in just a few months.


Market increase in only 10 months

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